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Music in the Morning

It is not everyday (or ever) that I start my day attending a classical music concert.  I was invited to the  Music in the Morning concert series at the beautiful Orpheum Theatre today.  Listening to the world renowned pianist, Anton Kuerti, playing Beethoven’s magnificent Appassionata sonata, was beyond words for me.  And the performance by the Afiara String Quartet was just amazing.

10:30 in the morning – I was in a different world.

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Our Jewelry in Marianas Trench’s New Video – Fallout

Marianas Trench just released their new music video – Fallout today.  We are so excited to see that a few pieces of our jewelry are worn by the lead actress in the video.


Ella II BraceletEva XX Bracelet (currently 25% off – don’t miss out!)


Catherine II Necklace

Hope you like the song and the video as much as we do!

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