Style Ideas: Collar Bejeweled

Add a little sparkle to your simple collars with a pair of chic clip-on earrings.

We will be adding some new earrings in our webstore soon.  Be sure to check in a few days.  🙂


Behind the Scenes: Lookbook Photoshoot

Here’s a look at the behind-the-scenes of our lookbook shoot yesterday.  We had an amazing team of talented people to put this shoot together.  Can’t wait to show the final work.

Photographer: Sven Boecker 

Stylist: Yvadney Davis 

Model: Natalie Tusznio

Hair/Makeup Artist: Talysia Ayala



Last Chance!

Sorry for the lack of posting this week.  I’ve been busy planning a photoshoot for next week, and also working on some amazing new pieces.  So stay tuned.

Before we move forward to next week, one fabulous GIVEAWAY is coming to an end.  Please like us on facebook for a chance to win our latest Desert Dune cuff.  

Happy Friday!




New Bracelets…slinky, swanky & sweet

New bracelets are now available on our website.  They are made from carefully selected vintage and repurposed materials. Each piece is crafted by hand with love in Vancouver, Canada.

Just in time to celebrate Earth Day in style – cherish the past and celebrate the future.

Happy Friday!



Breathtaking Moment

This picture of NATALIA ALAVERDIAN, Fashion Editor / Stylist, Harper’s Bazaar Russia, is so gorgeous.  LOVE her dress.

image via: Citizen Couture


It’s a Love Story…..

boy meets girl

kissing, falling, flying

friends, lovers, soul mates

times to remember


A sneak peek of what’s coming this week: new bracelets and earrings to be released on our webstore.

– pretty and colorful charm bracelets….for the best friend

– glamorous art deco style earrings & bracelets…perfect for the summer bride

– our best selling Eva bracelets coming in a skinny version….sweet and sentimental

Stay tuned!


Friday Instagram – Arm Candies

A photo of my arm candies today….

Lots of new bracelets will be available online next week. Stay tuned.

Happy Friday!


Music in the Morning

It is not everyday (or ever) that I start my day attending a classical music concert.  I was invited to the  Music in the Morning concert series at the beautiful Orpheum Theatre today.  Listening to the world renowned pianist, Anton Kuerti, playing Beethoven’s magnificent Appassionata sonata, was beyond words for me.  And the performance by the Afiara String Quartet was just amazing.

10:30 in the morning – I was in a different world.

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Unconventional Bohemian Approach

With Coachella, beach vacay, road trips, and summer just around the corner, we are lusting for anything that’s boho-glam.

Our Livia necklace draws inspiration from the free spirited colorful Gyspet (“Gypsy + Jet set”) lifestyle – “an unconventional bohemian approach to life” . An eclectic mix of semi-precious stones, beads, and vintage charms offers many wearable options.

Check out this insta-collage of  Livia II necklace.   Can you count how many ways we styled it?  It’s one necklace, but lots of possibilities.  

rule #1: Don’t follow the rules – Make it your own!

 Livia II necklace – turquoise, corals, raw ruby, and vintage charms.  Handmade in Vancouver, Canada


Friday Timbits: from polka dot to anklet

Sura bracelet with a polka dot shirt| new office mini willow tree | Getting orders ready for shipment | Livia III necklace worn as an anklet

Do you wear anklet?  

We think it’s really cute way to adorn your ankle and show off the shoes.  Especially with the warm weather coming, wear some colorful fun anklet with that cute summer dress and sandals.

I wore the Livia III necklace as an anklet today.  Love how the moonstones, corals and black onyx mix together with silver chains.  and of course, the little black turquoise skull is the coolest.   Happy Friday!! xo.

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