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Trip to Hong Kong…My Fav Spots

Just got back from my trip to Hong Kong, China and Japan.  I spent a few days in Hong Kong first….although mostly for work, I sneaked in a little bit of time to relax and enjoyed the city.

I’ve been to Hong Kong many times and just love the vibe in the city…fast pace, exciting, and vibrant!   Here are some of my favorite spots/moments on this trip:

View of the harbour early in the morning – stunning!

The Ritz Carlton Hotel (102nd to 118th floor in the ICC building)….the tallest hotel in the world.  Its roof top patio has the most stunning view!

IFC – International Financial Center in Central.

Nice to have a little down time to enjoy a drink on a patio with hubby at IFC.

Trying out great restaurants is a must when I travel.  This is one of the many great meals I had on this trip – 1 huge chilli crab, a couple of seasonal veggies, and 2 beers between my hubby and I at No Signboard – just heavenly!  🙂

Dinner at Nobu in Kowloon…what a view!


Bazar St. Michel in Montreal

I was in Montreal last weekend visiting friends, and had a chance to pop into one of the flea markets in the city just an hour before closing – Bazar St. Michel.  Flea markets are usually a hit and (a lot of ) miss.  But I saw some great vendors and amazing finds, especially for home furnishing and accessories.  Because I went so late, a lot of them have closed up already.  I did, however, manage to get a few goodies.  Worth a visit if you are in Montreal next time.


Music in the Morning

It is not everyday (or ever) that I start my day attending a classical music concert.  I was invited to the  Music in the Morning concert series at the beautiful Orpheum Theatre today.  Listening to the world renowned pianist, Anton Kuerti, playing Beethoven’s magnificent Appassionata sonata, was beyond words for me.  And the performance by the Afiara String Quartet was just amazing.

10:30 in the morning – I was in a different world.

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Weekend in Portland

I spent a lovely weekend in Portland with hubby….amazing restaurants, cool bars, and cute boutiques and vintage shops.  Want to share a few pics of our trip and places we went to.

Restaurants: Andina, Pok Pok, Oven & Shakers, Toro Bravo

Bars: Clyde Common, Whiskey Soda Lounge, Rogue , Teardrop

My favourite vintage shop: xtabay

Love this vintage floral blouse I found on the trip!!



Culture Club: Beauty and the Beast

I recently stumbled over the lovely illustration work of a Hong Kong based artist Peony Yip, better known as The White Deer.  Her minimalist portraits of young women, rendered in pencil and superimposed with animals, explore the relationship between human and nature.  Don’t we all have a little bit of animal nature inside – wolf’s fierceness, tiger’s strength, deer’s gentleness, ….

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Culture Club: Palace Jewel

The Würzburg Residence in Würzburg, southern Germany, was commissioned by the Prince-Bishop of Würzburg Johann Philipp Franz von Schönborn and his brother in 1720, and completed in 1744.  The building embodies the attainments of Western architecture of its day, French château architecture, Viennese baroque and the religious and secular architecture of northern Italy and is a synthesis of the arts of astonishing universality.


Würzburg Residenz Palace, Germany (via Scala Regia)  |  ROCAILLE – Diana II Necklace

You might not live in a lavishing palace, but you can certainly dress like a royalty.



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