Behind the Jewel

From time to time, we get requests from customers who want to design something special and unique.  Recently, we had the lovely KT at our studio to personally design a bracelet for herself.

Her Story

KT is a very cool girl with a great sense of style.  She’s an adventurous world traveler,  an aspiring DJ, a student, ….  Some of her favourite brands are Parisian labels like Maje and Carven.

Her Jewel

She picked out an ornate crown-shaped vintage piece with blue rhinestones and a small pearl from the 50s, paired with a light blue and metallic cord.  Then she selected three charms – a yellow stone skull, a silver skeleton fish, and a small vintage amber rhinestone.

I joked with her that her bracelet reminded me of the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean.  But it is kind of fitting, and truly reflects a little bit of KT’s personality – adventurous, fun, edgy, and still classic.


We are inspired by the woman who wears jewelry to express her own individuality, and we hope our jewelry inspires you to find your own.  

If you are interested in designing a piece that tells your story, send us an email anytime, or message us on Facebook.

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