Style Inspiration: Parisian Chic

Ines de la Fressange, the former face of Chanel, designer, businesswoman, daughter of a marquis, and even the face of France as she was chosen as Marianne, the country’s feminine symbol, in 1989. Today, she is the creative director for Roger Vivier.  With her unconventional beauty and strong sense of personal style, she’s the quintessential Parisienne.

I recent came across a great little book by her – Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange.   Ever wonder how Parisian women always look so effortlessly chic?  This book has the answers.  Ines described that her book is to ” help the busy woman– a woman who is not thin, and not that fat, but in a hurry, in a hurry, in a hurry! Because we are all a lot like this—too much tummy, not enough time.” – LOVE it!

(Her poised daughter, Nine D’Urso, photographed in Ines’ prescribed basics)
Ten Ways to Dress Like a Parisian
10: Jeans with gem-encrusted sandals (not sneakers)
9: A pencil skirt with ballet flats (not with heels)
8: A sequined sweater with men’s trousers (not with a skirt)
7: A diamond necklace with a denim shirt, during the day (and not with a black dress at night)
6: Loafers with shorts … and even with socks (not with long slacks and no socks)
5: An evening dress with ultra-plain, open-toed sandals (not with the gem-encrusted evening variety)
4: A pearl necklace with a rock ‘n roll T-shirt (not with a simple shift dress)
3: A chiffon print dress with battered biker boots (not with brand-new ballet flats)
2: A tux jacket with sneakers (not femme fatale stilettos)
1: An evening dress with a straw handbag (not with a gold clutch)
Her other wonderful tips:
  • Wear two scarves, one on top of the other. This works equally well with two T-shirts, two blazers, two belts
  • Team your old worn-out denim jacket with a silk blouse
  • Never look rich. A true Parisian is not looking to snag a billionaire husband. A clever mix of chic and cheap hits the jackpot
  • Invest in these basics: a blazer, a trench coat, a navy sweater, a white vest, a little black dress and the perfect pair of jeans

And it is also a great little city guide for Paris.   Ines gives a roundup of her favorite addresses, including offbeat museums, favorite shops, salons and spas, restaurants, cafés and hotels in this book.

Paris, Je t’aime.

(Images via the, and Into the Gloss)

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