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Sweet Little Devils

Introducing our new LIV bracelet collection – they are colourful, playful, and unique.  Each bracelet comes with a coloured turquoise skull and a vintage charm that was once a vintage button, earring, or pendant.  Two free-form corals, which are never the same, dangle at the end of the chains.

Wear one or multiple, or layer with other bracelets.

Liv Bracelets – $60



Livia Collection – One Necklace Multiple Looks

Livia necklace collection is all about versatility.  Play with colours, textures, and layers, onenecklace can create multiple looks.  This is your everyday piece without looking the same every day.  Play with it and have fun with it!

Wrap it 1, 2, 3, ….8 times. 

Wear it as a necklace, bracelet, or anklet. 

Choose from 4 colors. 

Each comes with a pair of unique vintage buttons.

For more information, please visit our website –


Inside My Office…

Lately because I’ve been so busy working on a new collection, didn’t realize what a mess I made in my office.   Finally I had it!  Cleaned up my office and re-organized everything. It’s true what they say – declutter your space, free your mind.

I give myself a star!  🙂  xo

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Popsicle Summer

I spent the afternoon at the beach with my girlfriend S today.  It’s such a gorgeous sunny day….feels almost like summer.

Fresh ocean breeze,

Sweet colorful popsicle,

Forever long railway,


perhaps hints of what’s to come – our new summer collection (to be released soon).  It’s going to be a popsicle summer!! xo


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