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She Owns the Sky

We recently teamed up with a Vancouver clothing label Jacqueline Conoir to do a photo shoot for their 2011 Fall Winter collection.  Jacqueline Conoir has been known for its tailoring, attention to detail, and sophisticated style.   Its 2011 Fall Winter collection is designed for those strong confident women.

We want to share some of the images from the shoot.

(photo credit: Stylist: Luisa Rino; Photographer: Evaan Kheraj)

The jewelry used in the images above are:

Audrey III Bracelet

Boudica Necklace (sold)

Gloria Necklace


Grandmother’s Pearls No More.

Pearls are very classic, but sometimes they can look old fashioned.  Instead of looking like you are wearing your grandmother’s pearls, we have recently transformed a vintage faux pearl choker into this modern chic piece – Tatiana Necklace.

Perfect to wear with a white summer dress.


Art Deco Romance

Over the last little while, I have collected some great art deco brooches and fur clips.  The art deco era is quite unique – it’s all about symmetry.

Here are some of our new pieces using my art deco finds.  They are a great way to add a little romance to your summer dress, flowy top, …..or complete the dress for the modern bride.  You can never have too much romance on the special day.  xo

Top to bottom: Victoria I, Victoria II, Valentina, Gloria



I showed one of my latest designs (below) to a friend of mine yesterday.  She told me that the style reminds her of “Gypset” .  According to author Julia Chaplin’s website for the book, “Gypset” (Gypsy + Jet set) is about an emerging group of artists, musicians, fashion designers, surfers and bon vivants who lead semi-nomadic, unconventional lives. Picture independently wealthy types, tired of the trappings of New York or London society, who like to visit unconventional places and wear clothing inspired more by Woodstock than Hollywood.

Interesting!  well, more to come on “gypset”….


Feeling Blue…Electric Blue!

Black, white, and grey are always the classic and basic fashion staples .  But nothing like a pop of blue that wakes up an entire outfit.  No wonder we call it electric blue.

A little bit of blue makes a big statement.  Check out our Azzurra necklace.

Photo Credits: The Sartorialist; Jak & Jil; Garance Dore

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