Recent LA Trip – Art, Food and Great Friends

I was in LA last week with my girlfriend, Kim visiting friends.  Always loved LA, but we found some really cool places and inspiring artists on this trip.  And of course it’s not a good trip without good food and company.


James Jean Rebus opening at Martha Otero Gallery. It’s a beautiful gallery in West Hollywood.  Photo: Brandon Shigeta

Street art by French graffiti artist JR in the art district.

A large Mona Lisa Mural in the art district.

Another street art by French graffiti artist JR in the art district.

A cool pub in the art district – all they serve are beer and hot dogs – yum!


We were driving around downtown LA and found a long dark tunnel that leads to the LA river under a bridge.

She’s wearing Saisha necklace in photo above.

VIET Noodle Bar in Atwater Village is all about less is more – stylish, minimalistic decor and great food with simple clean flavor.


Funny posters on the street.


Went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena on Sunday briefly.  Didn’t find too many jewelry because we went too late, but did see a spooky bride in the middle of the market.  lol

Love this lounge set…wish I could take it on the plane.


We went to the “REVOLUTIONS” show by Shepard Fairey in Santa Monica featuring a set of 36 art album covers.  photo: Brandon Shigeta

A street art installation by Shepard Fairey in the art district.


Had one of the best Japanese izakaya before we went to the airport – simply delicious.


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